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 WEB BUILDER                 PRODUCT                      SUPPORT  

 WEB BUILDER                 PRODUCT                      SUPPORT  

Create a beautiful website.

It's free, fast and easy.

Create a beautiful website.

It's free, fast and easy.



Excellent                                Trust Pilot

Excellent                                Trust Pilot

​For more information contact:

​For more information contact:

Whoever you are, your website costs only $15 with domain and hosting 

Afwego Professional includes all the features needed to create a fantastic website. to create a fantastic website, to start selling online without commissions, to receive reservations in your studio or hotel, and to write wonderful articles on your Blog. 

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All future features are included

We add on average more than 5 additional features each month you will not have to pay any additional costs. All new features are already included. 

Available payments methods

You can choose to pay monthly or annually and you can disable the service whenever you want. 

Features for your Website

Selling online without fees 

Reserved Area for Your Clients 

Unlimited products and loading in.csv 

Your customers will be able to add their information and track the shipments of their purchases 

You don't have to pay us every time a customer buys on your site The gain is entirely yours 

You will have no limit to your products. And if you have so many you can load them with an excel sheet. 

Many methods of payment 

Electronic Invoicing 

Sell on Google and Facebook

Select the payment methods to activate for your customers The choice is yours 

Synchronize your products on your Facebook page and Google Shopping Center to sell more 

You can generate the electronic invoice of your sales automatically 

Features for your Online Store

Make booking and do not pay fees 

Add all unlimited

Free of Payment Services 

Every time your customers book a room or a service you will not pay any fees 

You have no limit to the rooms or services you can make available on your website 

Add extra services that your customers will be able to add when booking 

Features for your Hotel

Reserved Area for Your Clients 

Access for members of your Staff 

Always communicate with Clients 

Your customers will have a dedicated area where they will be able to check their reservations and all the useful information for their stay

You provide limited access to your start members to manage the various activities of your facility 

Program your communications automatically to keep you in touch with your guests. 

Optimize your articles for Goog le 

Program the publication 

Unlimited articles, with tags, authors, and categories 

Features for your Blog

You can immediately publish your articles or program an editorial plan with automatic outputs 

Insert the TAGs on your articles and improve the positioning of your content on the Search Engines 

You can write all the articles you want without any limit to the creation of authors and categories. 

Complete statistics for your Blog 

Total customization for text 

Fantastic Preview Blog 

Personalize previews to enchant your readers to click to read your articles 

You can edit every aspect of your text to make it even more attractive. Your Blog will be unique! 

Monitor the progress of your blog. visits and all other useful information to improve your articles.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Free and Pro? 

PRO offers you many advantages such as choosing s custom domain. 5 professional e-mail boxes. advances statistics. dedicated support and all advanced components such as e-commerce. real estate. booking. private area and script. 

I own a VAT consignment: can I use it for billing payments for Afwego? 

I have a Free version. How do I move to the Pro version? 

Afwego allows you to register the PRO account as "Company". In this case, you will be asked for company data for billing. Remember to enter the VAT consignment! 

From the management panel. you need to click on the 'Pre icon and follow the guided procedure. Enter the required data. make the payment and the domain will be online in no time. 

Can I use a domain that I already own? 

Which servers use 

Certainly. Transferring a domain to Afwego is very simple. Just ask for the transfer code (AuthCode) to your current provider and insert it during registration to Afwego or send it to us by email at support* 

Wilt my Website be visible on mobile devices? 

Afwego uses Google Cloud Platform Servers to ensure the best performance possible. We continually update the software with the latest versions to ensure the maximum security of your data. 

Yes. and you will have two different options: the adapted version of your desktop site or you can create and optimize the mobile version of your site directly. 

Do you have any other question?

Call our customer service. Send us an email or contact us via chat.

We love to help.

All our operators know Afwego perfectly and will be able to provide assistance and useful advise to helpnyou create your website.