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 WEB BUILDER                 PRODUCT                      SUPPORT  

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Create a beautiful website.

It's free, fast and easy.

Create a beautiful website.

It's free, fast and easy.

Scale with afwego's website builder 

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Trust Pilot

Trust Pilot

Build Top-Performing Websites at Breakneck Speed 

​For more information contact:

​For more information contact:

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Transform the way you build and design websites to get more done faster 

Explore productivity-enabling tools that cut build times in.

Move like a Cheetah

All our products are tailored to suit any sport you find in yourself


Templates and Sections >

Content Library >

Team Collaboration >

Import content from your clients digital. assets into the Library, collect data quickly with content forms, create collections and easily manage rich content within the library. 

Deliver faster results with asset sharing, site comments for quick design iterations, team permissions for frictionless project management, and effective collaboration. 

Choose from our website builder categorized templates and sections or customize designs that you can save, share with your team. and reuse across multiple projects 

afwego has changed our business. It's fast, effective, and reliable. We have gone from spending weeks developing solutions for clients to days. 

Lawrence Shunte  -Head of Digital Limited 

Achieve outstanding results with a top-performing website builder

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Build websites that are stable, and secure and lead the industry in speed, performance, and SEO. Since Core Web Vitals was introduced in 2021 as the official framework to measure site speed and user experience. afwego has stayed in the lead with websites that outperform in loading speed, visual stability, and interactivity. 

Performance > 

SEO > 

AWS-Hosting and 99.9% Uptime >

Reach unprecedented performance with the website builder that is #1 in Core Web Vitals & leader in Page Speed. 

SEO-ready websites with site maps, free 1-click SSL. Local business schema, meta titles. keywords and descriptions and more. 

Hosted on the most trusted and secure cloud-based solution with no storage & bandwidth limit. 

afwego provides Fix8 Media with amazing tools, new product releases, incredible live support, and peak performance. We saw a 25% increase in annual recurring revenue after switching to Afwego

Josh Neimark   -Fix8 Media 

Transform the way you build and design websites to get more done faster 

Choose your own design path. from utilizing our no-code website builder software to diving into JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, with our flexible and intuitive web design solution. Explore industry-specific templates and drag & drop tools or go fully custom with advanced features for pixel-perfect design. 

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Cars​ Sale

Sports & Gym

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Business Profile

Body Care

Tech Shop

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Travel and Adventure

Photographer's Profile

bag store

Deliver great user experience with highly-converting websites 

Transform websites into digital assets that build awareness, drive conversions and grow sales. Using our professional website builder, help your clients thrive online and build websites that give site visitors just what they need. 

eCommerce > 

Membership > 

Widgets > 

Choose from a wide selection of over 5o widgets and add conversion-boosting widgets, like pop-ups. maps. booking. payment solutions, and reviews. 

Deliver websites that help clients build communities and generate leads with gated content for members-only. 

Drive sales for customers through highly-converting online stores with multi-payment providers, and marketing tools. and omnichannel integrations. 

Dynamic content > 

Widget Builder > 

Apps > 

Build your own custom widgets that are natively integrated into the Afwego platform and deliver highly-engaging user experiences. 

Create robust, database-driven websites with built-in cms or use 3rd party datasets such as google spreadsheets. airtable and more. 

Grow your recurring revenue by offering powerful apps by incorporating them into a plan or upselling as an additional service. 

Create robust, database-driven websites with built-in cms or use 3rd party datasets such as google spreadsheets, airtable and more. 

AJ Pfiel   -CreS My Site 

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Take productivity a step further with advanced capabilities 

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If you are ready to move even faster towards agency growth, you can connect to our API and automate key workflows like site creation, publishing, and content management. 


Workflow Automation >

Connected Content Library > 

Instant Websites > 

Automate key won<flows such as website creation, publishing websites, pulling analytics, and more. 

Populate sites in just a few clicks with info collected from potential clients and use it as a lead generation technique for your full offering 

Watch as changes to your datasets get pushed automatically to any connected widget on a site. 

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Easily build multiple-page websites with Dynamic Pages and Collections 

Utilize afwego website builder innovative tools to create multiple pages of content from a single design, speeding up the process of creating and updating multiple pages at once. Some use cases include populating real estate listings, recipe pages, portfolios, catalog items, people directories, and more. 


Ready-to-Use Dynamic Pages > 

Internal and External Collections >

 Built-in CMS > 

Store content in internal. Collections inside the editor, or in external collections (Google sheet, Airtable, or any other external database), to be used in dynamic pages. 

Add a predefined Dynamic Page, already connected to an Internal Collection, and update it with your content. 

Build and manage Dynamic Pages using Afwego's own built-in CMS. without ever needing to customize the design. 

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Become an invaluable partner to your clients 

Stay front and center with Afwego's white-label website builder and foster smooth collaboration with client management tools and user permissions. Allow your clients to manage their own websites, but keep control of what they can change. 

White Label > 

Client Management > 

Give your brand more visibility by applying it to the login page and website builder dashboard 

Collaborate with clients on projects while staying on top of changes through granular permissions set per user. 

WL Marketing Material > 

Client Billing > 

Grab ready-to-use white label sales & marketing materials to help your team win over prospects and impress customers 

Charge your clients directly for Afwego sites and for any other services you provide. 

As an agency owner, the white label options enable me to reinforce my brand and company to my clients. 

Brian Sooy  -Fix8 Media

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You've got our full support every step of the way

Get whatever help you need when building websites with Afwego by accessing 24/7 live support, backed by Afwego's award-winning team of technical engineers. Dive deep into an extensive library of support articles, take a course, join our webinars and stop by our community to connect with other web pros.

Support > 

University > 

Community > 

From the exhaustive portal to the professional team, you can always count on our support resources. 

Take a free course or learning path and get familiar with our editor, platform capabilities, and best practices for building client websites. 

Connect with web pros from around the world in the Afwego Community to discuss all things websites. 

Experts Program > 

Blog > 

Webinars > 

Access expert services or apply to become a Afwego expert through this dedicated program. 

Join our series of free weekly webinars with industry experts in SEO. User Experience, eCommerce and so much more.

Get all the latest on website design, marketing, and business trends that impact agencies & SaaS providers who sell to SMBs, in our blog.

Getting a real person at g PM local time, who understood my request, and addressed it quickly with no hassle or gimmicks, is unparalleled. 

Chris Riley  -Gallifrey 

Pick the Website Builder Plan that Fits Your Agency's Goals 

Explore our flexible pricing plans that are designed to support your growth. at whatever stage your business is at now and where you would like it to be. Each plan offers a mix of features with monthly and annual pricing. 


'Custom plans are available for companies in growth mode. 


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How does Afwego compare to other website builder platforms?



Can I tailor my price plan? 


Can I share my website design work with clients before submitting the final version? 

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